That Embrace Warrior Woman Mat


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That Embrace Warrior Woman Mat will help you find the strength and courage to love and embrace yourself.

She’ll remind you to move your body for pleasure not punishment. That Embrace Warrior Woman Mat will have your back when you’re blissed out in shavasana and she’ll support you through your sweatiest workout.

Brought to life by the incredible Body Image Movement, That Mat Is Mine and our wonderful friend and artist Holly Eva, 100% of proceeds go directly to the Body Image Movement’s Embrace Kids documentary.

We have limited stock available of That Embrace Warrior Woman Mat.

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Find out more about the Embrace Kids Documentary below.

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What you need to know:

We’re all out of That Embrace Warrior Woman Mat, but we’re thrilled to have contributed almost $10,000 to such an amazing cause by The Body Image Movement.  

The Embrace Warrior Woman represents the incredible power that exists inside every one of us.

She symbolises the unique journey to love and embrace our bodies and the strength to live a life that we love.

Artwork Story – “I paint like no one is watching. This is how I get close to magic. Embrace Warrior is a woman that represents strength, wisdom and being free. Having the wisdom to know you’re free to live an incredible life is strength.” – Holly Eva 


That Mat can support you, whilst you support something That Matters

100% of proceeds go to the Body Image Movement’s Embrace Kids Documentary.

In the words of Taryn Brumfitt, Founder & fiercely passionate thought leader behind The Body Image Movement.

“Embrace Kids is the next step in our Embrace journey. Recent studies suggest that body image is the no.1 issue effecting our children and we want to be part of the solution.


Embrace Kids will explore the relationship children have with their bodies, why so many boys and girls hate their bodies and what we can do about it. The film will cover topics including social media, photoshopping, ‘fitspiration’, the influence of media and advertising on body image and role models.


The film will be created for 8-12 year olds and given to schools across the globe as a FREE resource to educate the next generation to embrace their bodies.”


“I have embraced.” 

** Please note: That Embrace Warrior Woman Mat comes with a yoga mat strap monogrammed with “I have embraced,” just like the picture above. It is *not* monogrammed with your name **

It’s valued at $20, but we’re including it as a free gift because we want to help you embrace and celebrate your body for everything it can do (and will do!) 

We want to remind you to embrace and celebrate your body each time you step onto That Mat.

If this mat is a special gift for someone That Matters, in the Notes section at checkout please let us know if you have a special message you’d like us to write on a card.


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