Thrilled to be given a mention in Her Canberra’s article, “Local activewear brands worth the dosh”

“Don’t think staying stylish while getting fit is limited to the clothes on your back: looking good while working to feel good starts from the ground up with That Mat. Whether you’re doing Pilates, yoga, or trying to find a spot to relax at the end of a long day, take the time to work it out with That Mat you’ve had your eye on.

There’s the blue-hued Bondi Mat that’ll remind you of an early morning swim in the ocean and leave you feeling as cool as an iceberg before you know it. Or maybe you’ll pinky-promise to get your ten minutes of stretching in every day with the Pinky? And if you love your exercise gear to make a statement, the Shake-It Mat will have you embracing the clash of your pants’ print with its fund design.

There are limited quantities of each exclusive design, so when they sell out, they’re off the market for good. The eco-friendly mats are of natural tree rubber and suede microfiber, so you can feel even better knowing you’re not harming the environment.

Stretch in style and save the environment at

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