What is That Mat made of?
That Mat is made of recyclable natural tree rubber on his back and has a layer of suede microfiber on his top. He contains no silicon, toxic glue, PVC or phthalates.

His suede microfibre top is super absorbent and is designed to provide extra grip if you get sweaty. It also helps to make him beautifully supportive too!

What’s so good about a suede microfiber surface?
That Mat’s suede microfiber surface is super absorbent and designed to provide extra grip if you get sweaty. Some yogis like to spray That Mat with a little water before they start their practice (just to ensure he provides enough grip), but we’ve not found we’ve needed to do this.

A word of warning though, if you’re the type of person who can’t sit on your mum’s suede couch without ‘patting it’ to make sure all the fibres are running the same way, perhaps this is not the mat for you. Although we’d argue that perhaps this is EXACTLY the type of mat you need, so you can practice letting the little things go.

That Mat looks shiny, will he provide enough grip?
Yes he will! That Mat has a microfiber layer on the top, which is why he looks silky and shiny if the light catches him a particular way. This microfiber layer means the mat is super absorbent and whilst it’s great for any type of yoga, Pilates or stretching session, it’s perfect for hot yoga because the more you sweat the more grip you get.

If you’re concerned about slipping, we’d suggest lightly spraying water onto the yoga mat to increase the grip before you start your practice.

How big is That Mat?

That Mat measures 173 X 61cm and is 3.5mm thick. Weighing in at around 2.2kg, we’ve also made sure he’s not too heavy to carry to your Yoga class.

Who is That Mat for?
He’s a yoga mat for absolutely ANYONE to use – of all ages!

If you suffer from rubber allergies though, That Mat is not the yoga mat for you.

Are the designs exclusive to That Mat?
Yes, they are. And we only produce limited quantities of each design.

That Mat’s designs are exclusively created by our in-house designer, Kath. She also happens to be our Finance Officer, Marketing Manager, Head of Operations, Customer Delight Officer and is often required to assist with trade negotiations between her small children, especially when lego’s involved.

You will not find That Mat designs anywhere else. And If you do, please let us know so we can alert appropriate authorities.

How long does it take for my new yoga mat to arrive?
Once we’ve got your order, we’ll do our best to get That Mat out to you as soon as we can. Standard delivery time is anywhere between 7-10 business days (because the monogramming fairies need time to make the strap with your name on it). We use Australia Post for domestic shipping and we’re based in Canberra, so the closer you are to us, the quicker That Mat will get to you.

We’re in the process of training the fairies to deliver That Mat straight to your door for us, although this technology is a little way off #watchthispace #actuallydont

If it’s a yoga-emergency, please send an email to hello@thatmatismine.com with details of your order and we’ll see what we can do to get That Mat to you ASAP.

That yoga Mat arrived at my house. Now what do I do?
We suggest you give him a little breathing space. Being cooped up in a box on a long journey towards you is bound to make That Mat’s ‘brand new yoga mat’ smell a little potent. Unroll him and give him some space to acclimatise to his new surroundings. He’ll be ready in no time.
Does my new yoga Mat come with a strap?
Oh yes he does! That Mat comes with his very own strap that you can use to wrap him up at the end of the day or sling him over your shoulder to carry him to your Yoga class.
Can I clean That Mat?
Just gently wipe him with a damp cloth, or hand wash him in 1 part white vinegar, 3 parts water. You could also pour this mixture into a spray bottle and wipe it over him with a damp cloth.

If That Mat gets really wet, he likes to hang dry in a shady spot – inside over a shower screen works well. Otherwise, just lay him flat overnight and he’ll be dry by the morning.

Some yogis like to clean their mats with the water and vinegar mix above, with a few drops of essential oils added in for good measure. We do not recommend using essential oils to clean That Mat, in the event it hurts his vibrant colours.

I can see you ship to the US, Canada, UK and NZ, but why don’t you ship EVERYWHERE?
Due to an incident we’d prefer not to talk about, That Mat is currently on a “no fly list” with particular countries. We’re kidding! We just haven’t had time to get him the right VISA. Haha!

Complete worldwide *domination* (we mean shipping) is something we’d love to offer eventually.

But for now That Mat is pretty chuffed about helping amazing women around the world (only if you live in Australia, NZ, US the UK or Canada!) reclaim time and space for themselves.

Do you offer Afterpay?
Yes! We do.
What if I don’t like That Mat once it arrives, can I send him back?
We’re pretty sure you’re going to love him! But as long as it’s not a case of, “It’s not you Mat, it’s me,” we’re happy to chat. And if there’s something not quite right about him, of course we’d take him back. Just email us at hello@thatmatismine.com.
Can we collaborate in some way?
What a brilliant idea! #communityovercompetition #womensupportingwomen

Let us know how we can help by sending an email to hello@thatmatismine.com.