That Mat is so much more than just a yoga mat.

That Mat wants to add fun, excitement and colour to your day. Because it shouldn’t just be the kids who get to have all the fun.

That Mat wants to help you reclaim time and space for yourself.

Time to move. Time to be still. Maybe a bit of both.

That Mat will support you at your yoga or Pilates class. After all, it’s what he does best!

But… That Mat is also a great place to sit in silence after a noisy day with the kids. A comfy spot to read your fave mag after a big day at the office. A space to journal, vision board or catch up on some podcasts. A place to enjoy a green smoothie or a glass *or two* of bubbles.

That Mat wants to help you find time and space to be exactly who you are. That Mat wants to help you find your happy place.

Because before the title of wife, mama, aunty, sister, friend, all-rounder-of-awesomeness… … you’re you.

And THAT deserves to be celebrated… with That Mat you’ve had your eye on.

If you haven’t seen him yet, That Mat (minus the pesky cat) lives here.     

ABOUT US (the expanded version)

Once upon a time, in a house not too far away from yours, there lived a tired cranky mama.

She was always racing around. Racing around the office, racing home to tuck her little boys into bed or racing around to get ready for the next day.

Each day felt exactly the same as the one before. Each day she put herself last and at the end of each day, she’d flop into bed wanting more.

Please don’t get us wrong. This mama loved her job, her kids and her husband. She knew just how lucky she was. But she also knew deep down that something was missing. She was sick of just moving through life without really embracing it. Even her morning skim cap had lost its ability to spark joy.

Like any good sleep deprived mum, she turned to Instagram for answers. The “I’ve got this” mamas seemed to be turning to yoga. So she decided to give yoga a go(ya?!) …. at first, in her pj’s in her living room.

That was, until her 5 year old starting dishing out feedback. “Mum, you need to work on your downward dog.” 

Gee, thanks kid. #namastay-out-of-my-way

Despite the commentary, That Mat changed everything.

That Mat became a special space.

That Mat gave This Mama precious time to herself.

That Mat helped her rediscover the person she’d lost.

What emerged was certainly no yogi, but this mama-bear reconnected with the creative curly haired girl she once was. She wasn’t as cranky. She wasn’t as anxious. She started to find joy again. All because she made time to look after herself too.

And when this mama came up with the idea to make That Mat beautiful with her own designs, she began living happily with laughter.

With That Mat of your very own, her wish is that you can too!