20 Ways to find your happy place in
under 10 Minutes

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A self imposed time out

You’re oh-so-busy. There’s never enough time, especially to do something for yourself.

But try starting small. Can you send yourself to the quiet corner? Even for ten minutes?

Make space for yourself

It’s [more than] ok if things seem a bit dull. A bit of a polish and you’ll feel sparkly in no time.

The lustre likes to hide, lady. Give yourself space and watch that inner glow grow

It’s time to find joy again

Why do the kids get to have all the fun? It’s time to smile again & find your happy place.

Find that thing that lights you up – it could be anything! That Matters more than you know.

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You know how important self-care is because everyone (and we mean errrrryone!) keeps banging on about it.

But the thing is, you don’t have heaps of time to spend on yourself.

Who has a whole day to spend at the Day Spa, anyway? After all, Saturday mornings are reserved for soccer fields. If you don’t spend part of Sunday preparing for the week ahead, things get out of control pretty quickly.

How many nights can the kids eat peanut butter sandwiches for dinner, anyway? #askingforafriend

Lately, it’s felt like every day is a repeat of the last.

You’re tired of moving through ‘to-do lists’ in your work-life to home-life and back again and you’re starting to feel a blah about it all.

You can’t remember the last time you did something just for yourself and you have a sneaky suspicion it’s why you’ve been feeling oh-so-cranky lately. You’re looking for your own little happy place. But it’s way easier than it sounds because you’re not sure where to start and not convinced you could possibly fit anything else into your day.

That Mat’s got your back, lady!

We’ve compiled a list of, “20 Ways to Find your Happy Place in Under 10 Minutes.” It’s filled with things you can do for yourself quickly (that you’ll actually want to do!) that may just give you the happiness boost you’ve been looking for.

Within it, you’ll find:

  • Simple things you can do to create little happy spaces all around you
  • Activities that nourish you from the inside out – rather than the other way round
  • Strategies that help you take care of yourself in ways that last longer than a fresh cut & colour – (don’t get us wrong – we’re still big fans of a trip to the salon, but you need something you can do more than once every 6 weeks)
  • Activities you can do so quickly that you’ll still have time for Netflix once the kids are finally asleep
  • Things to help you to let loose and have a bit of fun, instead of always racing from one task to another
  • Things to remind yourself of who YOU really are – before the title of sister, wife & mother came along. Once you rediscover this for yourself, you’ll realise just how much That Matters. 

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